Privacy Policy

This is our current Privacy Policy, last updated 2019-01-23.

All information about you, which is collected via any page in this system, is not shared with any third parties except for those parties that you interact with via this system, or as part of aggregate statistics that cannot be used to identify you. Examples of parties that interact with this system include, but are not limited to, riding and boarding stables and government sanctioned sport organizations.

The contents of any information you post on this website that is clearly identified and intended to be published for the general public is displayed to the general public as a part of the function of this website. Given that this information is clearly intended to be posted to the general public, this information may also be shared with third parties.

This website does use Google Analytics. As such, the privacy policies related to website visitors for this services apply as well.

This website is able to submit social media content to other social media systems that you have chosen with the stable and that you have taken specific action to share with the stable. By choosing to do so, you have granted permission to the stable to share this content. The content submitted to social media systems is governed by the privacy policies of those social media systems.

This policy is subject to change in the future without any notice to you. The current version of this policy will always be published here at /Privacy-Policy

All enquiries about our Privacy Policy should be directed to [email protected]